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Who Has Seen This House In Her First Glory?

Is this not the condition of that which is called the Church, in these days, also lying in shambles?  We were told that we must surpass the early Church!

A Way To Be Blessed!

Blessed is he who gives!  Giving is a way to greatness!  

Supprt The Ministry

By Riech D. Cruz

It all started with a simple question, that the Lord gave Xmeah (the Man of God) to ask one day, not knowing what was to come, but he asked, "Who am I?  Is this all that there is to me?"  He was looking around at all that he had, all that he owned, all that he had accomplished in life, having achieved it all, but was this all that there was to life?  "Who am I?" is a question we are all given to ask, and when it is time, the Lord does show us who we are!  

He has saved us to bring souls to Him!  It is not how much money we can make!  It is not about how beautiful our house is or the fancy clothes and fancy cars!  I was saved to bring souls to the Lord!  Because the Lord imputed righteousness to Xmeah and took him out and trained him, now I was given a chance to live!  It was by Xmeah, that God drew me out of the darkness.  Just like Moses took the Hebrews out of Egypt, Xmeah took me out of my spiritual Egypt!  By a preacher was I drawn out and by a preacher, I will be preserved!  Thank You, Lord, for giving me one of Your dedicated and loving Preachers to guide me through this world and get me Home where I belong!

So these are the writings that I leave behind for others to follow, so that they will know, how I came out of the mess that I was in, and they can learn how to come out of it too!  My name is Riech (pronounced "rich") Cruz, and I am a wife, a mother and a business owner, who works from home.  This is how I function in the Lord...

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The years are the years according to the number of years after the date of my baptism! (10-04-1994)

By A Preacher We Are Brought Out

To You, O Lord be the glory and the honor forever more!

You are the One Who brought me out of a horrible pit, by sending me one of Your Anointed Preachers. By the Preacher Xmeah, was I brought out, and by Your Preacher, will I be preserved.

You lead me in the path of righteousness for Your Name's Sake.

Yea, though I walk through the Shadow of Death, I will fear no evil, for You are with me! Your Rod and Your Staff they comfort me! For You are the Comforter! Praise goes to You!

Psalms 27 & Psalms 23

You are my Light and my Salvation!  Whom Shall I fear?  You are the Strength of my life!  Of whom shall I be afraid?

I shall have no anxieties!  You make our enemies to be at peace with us!

The Joy of the Lord is the strength of my life!

Jesus is Joy!  Jesus is Life!

You do create Your people to be a rejoicing people, O God!  We laugh a lot!  We smile a lot!  And like You said, "Let your Light so shine that men might see your good works!"

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 Have a question, or a comment?  Are you in need of help?  Feel free to use this form page to send me a message.  Your message will go to my  inbox and to my cell  phone, and I will get back in touch with you.  

Website Designing Business Dedicated to  the Lord God  

Because the Lord taught us, through Xmeah,  about working for ourselves, asking the Spirit for knowledge and even teaching us everything that we know, this is one of the businesses that the Lord blessed us with!  To God be the Glory for leading  us and guiding us! For Computer Lady Web Designs, Call 409-454-1260.  

The Computer Shop

Without any plans or preconceived ideas, and with no other knowledge, other than do everything that the Lord tells us to do, through the mouth of the preacher, the Lord gave us a computer repair business for our livlihood!  Not by our power or might, but the was all the Lord's doing!  I love what He has done for us, and if it had not been for the preacher, Xmeah, we would not be where we are today!  For Computer Repair, call 409-839-8404. 

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