Riech Cruz's Address  

"The Star of David, Which Is "The Star of The Beloved: Jesus Christ!"

The Star: Jesus Christ!





To You, O Lord be the glory and the honor forever more!

You are the One Who brought me out of a horrible pit, by sending me one of Your Anointed Preachers. By the Preacher Xmeah was I brought out, and by Your Preacher Xmeah, will I be preserved.


You lead me in the path of righteousness for Your Name's Sake. 

Yea, though I walk through the Shadow of Death, I will fear no evil, for You are with me!  Your Rod and Your Staff they comfort me!  For You are the Comforter! Praise goes to You!


We have a long road ahead, but the Way is made clear, and the Path is straight!  The Angels stand to the left and to the right, to keep us on the straight and narrow way!  We shall not fall to the left or the right!  You keep us going and knowing that our destination is to live with God forever and ever!



Daily Writings And Recordings By Month





(A work in progress...)



Riech D. Cruz •  1735 College St. • Beaumont, TX 77701 • 409-839-8404 Home • 409-998-2289 Cell

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